Business As Unusual - notice

*sigh* Things are just getting too damned strange...

[rory]If you're wondering just what's going on with the text/image combo, it's so
the search engines that have been indexing this site can pick this message up.
Plus, I've got a lot more to say that I do to show. Bear with me.

Looking at the web stats that Keenspace provides for this site, we've been picking
up some unusual search strings. Some of these actually make sense and are somewhat
relevant to the site, but a couple are downright disturbing. I'd like to personally
address one of these queries, in order to reduce the number of mistaken visitors.



All right, now just what sort of sick freaks go out looking for 'TONY DANZA PORN'?!

You heard me! I've gotten not one, but TWO instances of this site showing up in the
search results for just such a string! Oh, I know that it sort of makes sense, being that we've got mentions of both 'Tony Danza' and 'porn', but my problem is less with the site turning up in the results as it is the notion of people actually having a desire to see such a thing.

To any still curious: WE HAVE NO TONY DANZA PORN! We have no authentic appearances of Tony Danza, nor do we have any actual porn. This is a comic, hence the Keenspace domain. No bare-assed anime babes. People keep their clothes on here. Occasionally we are funny. We might talk about video games, or college, or other cool things. We do not discuss 'premarital hanky-panky' or perverse sexual lust.We have good clean fun.

(...mostly. Sort of.)

Anyhow, just go elsewhere to fulfill your sick fantasies, and stop plaguing sites like ours with bizarre, perverse search strings.

Thank you. That is all.